Director: Isabel Herguera
Year: 2023
Duration: 1h27min

Ines, the protagonist, is a young woman from Donostia-Spain, unable to dream and a bitlost, who accidentally discovers the book The Sultana’s Dream, which describes theLadyland, a place where women are all scientists and have the power while men arelocked at home, limited by their ignorance. Fascinated by this classic of utopian-feminist literature, and by its author, the Muslim writer and journalist Begum RokeyaHossain,Inésembarks on an initiatory journey through India in search of the traces ofthe author and theLadyland

El sueño de la sultana is a co-production between Spain and Germany and is producedby Sultana Films (Donostia), El Gatoverde Producciones (Madrid), Abano Producións (ACoruña), Fabian & Fred (Hamburg) and Uniko (Bilbao), and with the participation of,among others, ICAA, Basque Government, Diputación de Gipuzkoa, RTVE, EITB,Movistar +, ARTE ZDF, Filmin, Tabakalera, Hamburg Regional Funds, Media EuropaCreativa, Sexpe Nextgeneration EU. Distributed in cinemas in Spain by Filmin.