About us

We have created Sultana Films with a precise vocation: to produce films d’auteur in international co-productions. Our goal is to combine different perspectives and enrich the production by collaborating with teams from all over the world, creating partnerships, exchanges and long-lasting collaborations. We specialize in digital craftsmanship, which incorporates new digital technologies including artificial intelligence in an artisanal way to the creative process, to create our art. In a world full of borders, Sultana Films wishes to emphasize the universal dimension of the arts and of cinema especially.


Animation feature film

Sultana’s Dream

84 min / 2023

Directed by Isabel Herguera, produced by Sultana Films, El Gatoverde Producciones, Fabian&Fred, Abano Producions, Uniko estudio creativo

Animation short films

When It Comes (It Will Have Your Eyes)

12 min / 2024

Directed by Izibene Oñederra, produced by Sultana Films, Izibene Oñederra, and music by Amtsia

Cantar un batallón

9 min / 2024

Directed  by Inés G. Aparicio, produced by Sultana Films, Inés G. Aparicio, and music by Rodrigo Cuevas

La mujer ilustrada

8 min / 2023

Directed  by Isabel Herguera, produced by Sultana Films

In development

Mi papá el camión

80 min 

Directed  by María Cristina Pérez González, produced by Pez Dorado Animaciones, Sultana Films, SacreBleus


80 min 

Directed  by by Upamanyu Bhattacharyya, produced by Otter Studios, Sultana Films, SacreBleu



Laboratorio di cinema gastronomico http://instagram.com/cucinema.lab/

Giant Inflatable Camera Obscura

Wworkshop to discover the origins of photography 

Dins la càmera fosca gegant